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Banshee 6S - MWO Fanart :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 3 0 SarLon2 :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 1 0 Stalker 8S - MWO :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 1 0 WIP: Shreck Assault Gun :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 3 0 Hetzer II Omni Vehicle :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 2 0 Hetzer MK2 :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 2 0 -WIP- BattleTech AC Ammunition :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 1 1 BattleTech M7 GaussRifle :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 5 0 FarFire LRM :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 0 0 SRM Carrier 1st version :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 0 0 Dauntless Frigatte WIP :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 0 0 Hedgehog Attack Run :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 1 0 Hedgehog MKI :iconkarlstreiger:KarlStreiger 1 0


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Banshee 6S - MWO Fanart
As an addition to the 3063 Stalker, I've taken the Banshee 6S - a nice simple but brutal design.
Featuring the dream combination of a Heavy Gauss Rifle and a Large Bore 10X Autocannon - the 6S can cause havoc at short ranges.

This artwork shows a survivng BNC-6S of the 13th Donegal Guards on the battlefield of Dalkeith.
Its the morning of the 18th of April  3066

The day the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry folowed the deed of their forefathers.
Where as the Lyran Loyalist did something very typical: The Steiner Way of Orbital Insertion 
SarLon AC2
  • 60mm L72
  • Automatic Canon
  • Gast Gun Principle
  • v0 : 1706m/s
  • E0 : 4 MJ
  • maximum rate of fire 580 rpm
  • armor penetration at 1000m *) : 208mm
  • effective combat distance  3802m
  • maximum range 9233m

The huge SarLon AC2 is based on an AA gun - that was put onto a helicopter. The recoil of one barrel assists the reloading of the second. Ammunition feed is a linkless chain. 
The SarLon mount is mostly placed on either the left or the right side of the Warrior H7.  Although some also mount it at the underside - this causes some issues with the SRM and the landing gear.

In terms of BattleTech ammunition - 5 rounds are similar with a AC2 shot. 
* - firing AP shells, based on ballistic coefficient of G7 and using formulas and tools by Nathan Okun

in the picture is a 180mm TharHes SRM - hope i will finish the warrior together with the Yellow Jacket in the near future.
Stalker 8S - MWO
-MWO fanart -

Just some little food for brain, with the new expansion for MWO in July there will hopefully some new variants for existing Mechs.
One of them could be the STK-8S

Armed with 2 ERPPCs, 2 ER-Medium Laser, 2 Medium Pulse Laser and last not least the Defiance Hammerfist Heavy Gauss Rifle. 

I have extracted the model of the stalker from the game files (!!! I did not created it)  
Added some details of my own (the very rudimentary 280mm Heavy Gauss, the ERPPCs as well as the 4 laser)
The iHGR of the Barghest looks great - so i used it to make the HGR. Intersting the Stalker need a complete Torso Refit - similar to the HGR Orion from the TRO Prototypes
WIP: Shreck Assault Gun
  • Weight: 80t
  • Speed: 
    • 80,5 kph 
    • 56.8kph Offroad
  • Crew: 3
  • Engine:
    • 30 MW Fusion Plant
    • 1300 kW (1430 hP) Tracked DriveTrain
  • Armament
    • 3 x 12.6 MJ Hellstar PPC

the PPCs accelerate hydrogen ions aka protons towards 60.000 m/s. The linear accelerator works after the RFQ principle.
Each shot generates roughly energy of 12.4 MJ. 

the compact fusion drive gives power to the systems and is used to recharge the heavy storage banks for the PPCs. At optimum the storrage banks has enough energy for 150 shots - the coolant doesn't last much longer. 
To radiate heat the Schrecks outside is mainly covered by radiators and uses booms and drills to transfer waste heat even into the ground.

Crew compartement
find more radiation area
add place for batteries and coolant pods

Schreck in Position

Hetzer II Omni Vehicle
  • Mass 45tons
  • Power Plant:  160 Light Fusion Engine
  • Cruise Speed: 43,2 km/h
  • Flanking Speed: 64,8 km/h
  • Armor:  Vehicle Stealth Armor
  • Armament:
       21.0 tons of pod space.
This is based on my version of the Hetzer

When I posted the design on - somebody had the good idea to turn it into a OmniVehicle.
So just for the look and feel - I added a RAC5 version and a Heavy Gauss Option.

First model I added some simple textures - I'm not really impressed - but maybe sketchup is not the best tool for it.


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